February 06, 2016

IMRT radiation, which is also called intensity modulated radiation therapy has revolutionized the treatment of cancer, giving the possibility of medical radiation to provide radiation to the target area, minimizing damage to surrounding normal tissues.

Before the introduction of IMRT, RADIATION medical use for planning of technical processing technique called 3D. The radiation beam is shaped to conform to the contour of the target as seen from each input beam angle. This limits the ability of radiation doctors to deliver higher doses of radiation and effective for the target volume. Other areas where the 3D treatment planning and delivery caused problems was the treatment of cancers in different areas of the head and neck. Low ability to control the radiation to the salivary glands, spinal cord and other vital structures has led to long-term disabling side effects and poor control rates of these cancers.

IMRT radiation entered general practice for the treatment of cancer due to the entry of powerful computers in the medical field. Medical radiation now had the outline of the capacity precisely the target volume and normal surrounding structures and dictate to the computer the amount of radiation that would allow each of these areas and the volume of these organs a certain amount of radiation have accepted. The beam modulation is accomplished by the movement of sheets into and out of locking and unlocking of the radiation output from the radiation head of the device. Thus, different areas of the target volume would obtain different radiation intensities of each beam input. The result of the sum of multiple beams that enter the patient from different angles cause radiation literally painted dose precisely on the target volume, giving the amount of radiation from medical radiation is allowed to vital organs located near target.

In simple terms, 3 D planning and execution of the treatment is the same as bombing an entire block in a city while radiation of IMRT is the equivalent of a smart bomb that had hit the building from this block leaving the adjacent buildings relatively unscathed, saving innocent lives while destroying the wicked in the target building.

IMRT radiation technology is used for the treatment of cancer located deep in the body, they are irregularly shaped and are adjacent to vital structures. Good examples are cancers of the prostate, head and neck, pancreatic cancer and brain tumors among many others.

Patients who explore radiation therapy as a treatment option for your cancer will do well when they are fully informed.