February 06, 2016

Radiation protection is an issue that perhaps many of us know very little, but it must be taken very seriously in many circumstances. There are many examples in daily life, where the radiation protection is important. Medical and defense industry sectors, there is an order of protection against radiation. The radiology technician and staff will be protected against radiation exposure that these scanners produce through the use of protective measures, such as lead-lined doors.

Why protect against significant radiation?

Radiation is a very important part of our modern life. Radiation is part of everyday life, both in industrial environments and of course doctor. If a person working near a radiation source are not protected by a radiation shield, then the potential exists for harm to the body. If a person is regularly exposed to high levels of radiation, they have a much greater likelihood of contracting tumors and cancer. There is also the possibility of problems such as radiation burns and skin diseases. Radiation sickness is also called radiation poisoning and is known to cause the following symptoms: nausea and vomiting diarrhea weakness, fatigue, exhaustion, fainting dehydration inflammation of exposed areas (redness, swelling, bleeding) buccal mucosa ulceration Hair loss vomiting bloody bloody stools nosebleeds, mouth, gums, and rectum blunt skin peeling open skin wounds

Radiation solution is right for me?

When acquiring a solution for protection against radiation is important to consult a specialist regarding the level of protection is needed. According to background radiation levels is subject to depends on the type of solution, or the required depth lead, protective coatings and travel options for armored frames that offer peace of mind with regard to protection against radiation.
protection options such as lead lined doors are not a universal solution, so look for a company that can create custom solutions fully adapted to ensure complete protection against gamma rays, neutrons and x -ray.